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  • Make a Truce With YOU!

    The 6-month program that helps you get to the root cause of overwhelm and burnout, embrace your true Self, and stop fighting to be something you’re not.

    Here’s what you are dealing with:

    • You feel overwhelmed by the demands of your life and don’t know what to do.
    • You have tried self-help books, relaxation techniques, changing your diet and exercise regime, and continue to struggle to cope.
    • You have worked with a therapist, coach, or doctor to manage your symptoms, but continue to feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

    And maybe this is also what is happening for you:

    • You struggle with self-critical thoughts like “What’s wrong with me? I can’t do anything right?” or “Why does my life have to be so hard?”
    • You fixate on making things perfect to avoid criticism, but don’t believe people when they tell you you’re doing a great job.
    • You accommodate everyone else all day then binge on food, alcohol, and Netflix to escape and numb out.
    • You compare yourself to your friends and coworkers and get angry when you feel like you’re falling behind.

    The Truth is:

    I can’t tell you how to fix your life.

    I can’t give you a set of instructions that keeps you from feeling discomfort ever again.


    We will get to the root cause of your uncomfortable feelings.

    I will help you embrace your “bad behaviors” and see how they are self-protective rather than self-sabotage so you can finally stop fighting yourself.

    With my support you will discover your story and learn to trust yourself again so you can embracing your true Self and embrace your God given abundance.

    This is how it works:

    • You get in touch with me here and we will schedule your first 90 minute discovery session where you will identify your “One Big Thing” goal and identify the story that keeps you stuck.
    • Next we will meet 2x a month for 60 minutes over the 6 months because change takes time and we all need support to achieve lasting change.
    • In between our online sessions, you will receive modules to help you go deeper and rewrite your story based on what you value rather than how everyone expects you to be.


    The entire 6 month process costs $2500 for individuals and $1500 to go through the process with a group. Payment plans are available.

    You will invest about 1-2 hours a week of your time to process the material in the beginning and later in the process, experiment with new ways of doing things that challenge your story and help you build a new one.

    Group sessions are recorded, so even if you have to miss a session, you still have access to the group discussion.